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Our team of dedicated professionals and enthusiasts from different backgrounds will be there to ensure that  your moment with us will be the time of your life


Mike "Skidmk" Bourget

Skidmk, one of the founding directors has been here since the beginning.  Skidmk is an Air Traffic Controller in real life, a relaxing role after running a medium sized corporation in the 80's and 90's.  Currently serving as the CEO and President of the board.

"I am incredibly blessed to be able to share these wonderful fighter jets with the public."  

Skidmk is also one of our pilots, and can frequently be seen at airshows during static displays and air displays.


Joanne "Sox" Jordan


Sox is Skidmk's partner in life, and is always there at his side.  An amazing addition during airshows and flight events. A pilots daughter as well as a pilots wife gives her a unique way of sharing her brand of energy and enthusiasm to the airshow party. Sox ensures our members and guests  walk away happy and as equally enthusiastic about our birds as we are.


Mike "Casper" Kirk

The co founder of our museum has a life-long fascination with aircraft and flying. Casper is a graduate of Seneca College's Aviation program Class of 1991.  His professional career has encompassed everything from Ultralight Instructor to Commuter Airline Training Captain to his current position as a Senior First Officer on B777's with a major Asian airline.

Casper's ownership of a Nanchang CJ-6 led to him meeting Skidmk - and ultimately to the formation of ACM Warbirds and L29 flying. 

Casper serves as our Chief Pilot, and Operations Manager.


Bernie "Whinge" Runstedler

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… a child was born. I’ll skip the part about the manger and the three wise men but, will delve into his love of aviation. Starting in gliders as a teenager then, progressing into powered aircraft a year later, our intrepid flyer got discouraged. Aviation in Canada, at this time, was only sixty-seven years old. Since pilots were starving to death at this time, our man, known for his deeds of courage and prowess, returned to school.

 Never losing his love of aviation, he continued to fly. Amassing the usual long list of ratings and endorsements, he also did something unusual. He started writing about flying. The long list of publications and presentations he’s done over the years resulted in his first call sign ‘Scribe’.

Making the colossal mistake of booking a flight on the L-29 proved to be as addictive as opioids and, our hero, soon found himself joining the exclusive fraternity of jet pilots. Our hero knows that he’s the second best looking pilot ACM Warbirds has ever had. (We all know who’s the best looking). Dedicated and always available, Whinge contributes when and where he’s needed.


Mark "Blown" Braithwaite,


Blown is a 46 year old married dad of one who started his aviation career as a co-op student in the east end of Ottawa. Mark started flying in September of 1987 at the Rockcliffe Flying Club and has amassed over +10,000hrs on various different types of aircraft including the L-29 Delphin, Piper Cheyenne III and Cessna 400 series aircraft. 

Blown is a Class 1 Flight Instructor, an accredited Pilot Examiner for Transport Canada as well as an authorized licensing person.

Blown is our Assistant Chief pilot, and very important to our day to day operations, he can frequently be found on the phone.  Asked about his callsign, he would probably say something about having a hard time sticking to timelines...... we love him!!


Jonathan ''Max'' Hilaire​

Born to a flight attendant mother,  and raised on the TopGun movie and soundtrack.  Our young Jonathan, (named by his mother after Jonathan Livingston Seagull) began at a very young age to develop a fascination for aviation.  At age 15, he started developing software for flight simulators It was because of this he was able to save enough money to  come and discover the beautiful Canada in 2010.   After a (short) career in the French Air Force, ''Max'' (nicknamed by his Staff Sargent in Officer's school) came back to Canada to pursue a career in  civil aviation. Max is now in the process of completing his Commercial Pilot Licence as well as his flight instructor rating. He aim to soon be able to include himself amongst the roster of the pilots of  ACM, In the meantime, Max is in charge of the Public Relations & Media for the collection.


Pierre "Vogue" Clement

Vogue presently resides in Gatineau, Québec and is fluently bilingual.  In 1983 he started military pilot training in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan on the CT-114 Tutor where he received his wings. He subsequently became an instructor on the Tutor.   Vogue went on to fly the CF-5 at 419 Squadron in Cold Lake, Alberta. In 1988 posted to fly maritime patrols on the CP-121 Tracker.

In 1989, Vogue left military service to start commercial flying.  He flew throughout Europe on schedule and charter service. In 1992, he joined Royal Airlines of Montreal. He was promoted to Captain on the B-727 and later flew the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar and the Airbus A-310-300 as captain on world-wide routes. 

He is an Authorized Check Pilot (ACP) and has accumulated over 10,000 hours of flight time.

Vogue joined  the F-86 Hawk One team at Vintage Wings in 2010 and was selected to lead the team in 2014 until 2017 when the Sabre was sold.

Vogue is very happy to be part of the ACER Cold War Museum where he can keep contributing to the promotion of aviation in Canada.


Peter "Switch" Campbell

CD, DSO, DFC, Legion d’Honneur, Croix de Guerre, Afghanistan UAV Ace (Okay, so I made up the Afghani Ace status).  Giggle.

Switch was born during the dawning of the Commercial Jet Age in the 1950’s. At the time, Boeing and Lockheed were still making intercontinental propeller driven aircraft such as the 337 and the Super Constellation in the USA. Meanwhile a northern nation was looking into the future.  The brightest engineers at A.V Roe and de Havilland were burning the midnight oil near Malton airport. This very young resident of Toronto grew up near RCAF station Downsview and watched these new jet aircraft arriving and departing Malton Airport (CYYZ). With his eyes fixed to the skies he decided that his future would be spent in those cockpits. Peter watched the AVRO Jet liner, the AVRO CF100 and CF105 take flight, and with the Arrow, enjoyed the frequent rumbles and shakes when the big jet went supersonic.

A detour that landed him at the CAF recruiting doors in 1973, he entered training in 1974 and received his highly coveted Wings, from his Dad, at Moose Jaw in April 1976. A very memorable 32-year career began! After nearly 6700 hours in military aircraft, mostly helicopters but with plenty of fast and medium speed jets thrown in for good measure, Switch hung up his military flight suit for other endeavours in Afghanistan.  His military flying was done over nearly every continent and included being a member of the only jet helicopter military air demonstration team in North America.

After two years of supporting persistent surveillance operations for the Canadian Army in Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, Switch decided another change was in order. So began his third flying career as a civilian flight instructor at the Ottawa Flying Club. In the past nine years Peter has amassed over 2800 instructional hours on twin engine and light single engine training aircraft and attained a Class 2 Instructor Rating. He is also the CFI.

Early in 2018 Switch was offered the amazing opportunity to bring his years of flight experience into a new dimension. Volunteer pilot at ACM Warbirds on the very beautiful L-29 Delfin jet aircraft!! Offer accepted and he is loving every glorious moment to share his insatiable appetite for flight with all members of the ACM team.


Antwan "Frigid Danial

Frigid started flying through the Algonquin College Aviation Management program starting in May 2008. 2 years later he started working at the OFC and Lake Country Airways as an instructor. He spent 6 summers teaching clot ratings and charters to finishing/hunting camps while doing normal ppl/cpl instruction at the OFC. Over the years Frigid progressed through the company to become the main Multi/IFR instructor eventually reaching the highest level as the General Manager. Through different contacts (including Blown) he was given the opportunity to start flying the NLGC Cheyenne, other air taxi work and some private instructional work for private A/C owners in Carp and Ottawa. 

Somehow between all that Frigid teaches the core aviation courses at Algonquin College where they see 60 plus new students a year. 

In February of 2017, Frigid was shocked to get an invite to join a bunch of hooligans flying a L-29. Little did he know that a lifetime dream was about to come to fruition as he was presented an incredible opportunity to fly a fighter jet.   Frigid will soon be one of our Ferry and Airshow pilots.


Ben "Flash" Senior

As one our younger members of the operation, we love to give Flash a hard time whenever we can.  When he's not instructing, he can sometimes be found hanging around the Jets.

Flash humbly notes, "I'm Ben, I'm a flight instructor at the Ottawa Flying Club, but I also do social media work with ACM.  I've always been quite interested in airplanes of course, and I try to be around them as much as I can!"


Michel "Overseer" Cote

Overseer is a retired Contracting Officer  with Public Works and Government Services Canada in the aerospace industry.  Having been interested in aviation for a  long long time, he has been working in the local and Canadian airshow industry as:

  • Director of Ground Ops and aircraft procurement for AERO Gatineau-Ottawa Airshow , 

  • Director of Ground Ops and aircraft procurement for the 2018  Victoriaville airshow

  • Director of Ground Ops and aircraft procurement for the Saint Cuthbert 2017-2018 Fly-in.

  • Work as procurement officer for the  2017 Bagotville, Rivière du Loup, Bromont airshows

  • Director of Ground Ops and aircraft procurement the 2019 St Hubert airshow.


Overseer has been involved in the field of aviation largely through his work and leisure time working as an aircraft coordinator and marshaller's team lead for the Vintage Wings of Canada,  Ottawa Airshows, Classic Air Rallye, Drummondville airshows,  also being  an aviation journalist and photographer for  the magazine Aviation and Classic Wings.

We are privileged that he is our general booking guy and does all the stuff we need to be booked into shows and events, ordinating with shows and events.  Watch our 2019 Calendar for his great work.


Jeffrey "theShow" Charter

After I was born I think the first place I went to was an Airport.  My Dad was an Air Traffic Controller at the Ottawa Airport for some 33 years so the smell of burnt jet fuel is calming to me.  After joining the military(Navy) I began a posting to the Air Force at NDHQ and re-connect to my love of all things Air, T-33, Hercs, and helos rides.  As time went by I transitioned to work as a civilian with 412(T) Sqn and began a long affair of planning “the show”, the first was the Ottawa Airshow (many years) then Carp and Rockcliffe.  I have been involved in the 100th Anniversary of Flight event, helped with a book on the CF-18. 


 Now on the climb to unknown altitudes with ACER team.  


More Jet Fuel please.

ACM Warbirds

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