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Always wanted to be a fighter pilot?


About us

ACM Warbirds evolved out of the ACER Cold War Museum founded in 2015.


Mike Bourget, our founder, together with Mike Kirk, wanted to create a virtual museum and start sharing the joy of jet flight with the general population.


In late 2016 we evolved into ACM Warbirds, an entertainment company. One which we could share our jets with people, but also attend and perform in Airshows. Our airshow product has evolved from a simple routine for one aircraft into our current airshow that is high energy and welcomed by everyone. Two aircraft flying a mock fighter jet engagement.


This Year 2022, as we continue to adapt to the realities of Covid, we, as an all volunteer group, are now focusing on S.T.E.M. Introducing and working with youth in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.


Watch us go!!!


From each one of us at ACM we thank you!!! As without you we could not roll out our super cool S.T.E.M programming for youth.

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Strap into the cockpit of a legendary jet warbird
for the ride of your life!

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